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Would you like to advertise your Herd Sire for other Belgian breeders to take advantage of your breeding program?
For $10 per stallion, you can advertise your herd sire on the OBHA website. Include the ownership information, pedigree and terms for each stallion. You can include a picture for an additonal $5. Ads will remain on the site for the entire breeding season.
To have your ad included on the site, please e-mail rymarbelgians@sympatico.ca and send payment and info to: 
Shannon Lindquist, OBHA Secretary/Treasurer, 4501 Highway 35, RR #2  Cameron ON  K0M 1G0




Standing at the farm of


Diamond T Belgians

Kirkfield, ON


Ph: 705-833-1599


Fleming Belgians

Elmvale, ON


PH: 705-322-1154





B.C.R. PONCHO -1044825-


                                                        Contempo’s Dannie

                                  C.D.’s Rock Supreme

                                                              Topsy’s Bell Family

SIRE:  Bogg’s Creek Rocky

                                                              Blondy Farceur III

                                  Leaning L Betty



                                                              Sunny Lane Farceur

                                  Sunny’s J.R. Farceur

                                                              Lady Farceur

DAM: Peggy’s Ann

                                                              C.D.’s Rock Supreme

                                  Amber’s Peggy

                                                              Sunny View Amber








Standing at the farm of



Fleming Belgians

Peter Fleming

Elmvale, ON


PH: 705-322-1154











                                                        Young’s Diamond Chester

                                  Elect’s Chief

                                                              Sioux River Becky

SIRE:  Elect’s Buck

                                                              C.D.’s Rock Supreme

                                  Cedar Lane’s Janet

                                                              C. Hills Dolly Farceur


                                                              Duke Cracker Supreme

                                  Cracker’s Red George

                                                              Cracker’s Red Rose

DAM: Bent Creek Mary Allen

                                                              Marcon’s King

                                  Connie Farceur








Standing at the farm of


Eli Shetler

84512 Lucknow Line

Dungannon, ON







                                                        Duke Farceur

                                  King Farceur

                                                              Bonnie Farceur

SIRE:  King’s Sunny R.

                                                              Sunny Lane Farceur

                                  Sunny’s Jewel Farceur

                                                              Lady’s Lynn Farceur


                                                              Cannelburg Prince

                                  I.W. Leo Kay’s Tony

                                                              Leo’s Kay

DAM: IW Pearl’s Betsy Farceur

                                                              M.V.F. Conqueror’s Ward

                                  I.W. Linda’s Pearl Farceur

                                                              Kay’s Linda Farceur