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 Click here for the 2016 Membership form: 2016MembershipForm



Return to: Ontario Belgian Horse Association

c/o Shannon Lindquist, Secretary-Treasurer,

4501 Highway 35, RR #2 Cameron ON  K0M 1G0








Telephone:   (           )  ________-____________


e-mail:  ______________________________________________________


We appreciate your continued support. Please return this form with your payment of the 2016 Membership Fee- $25.00, allowing us to keep our Membership List up to date. Thank You.


Privacy Statement
Any information collected by the Ontario Belgian Horse Association(OBHA) regarding members, exhibitors, sponsors, directors, and any other persons related directly to the business of the OBHA, will be used solely for the business of the OBHA which includes promoting the Belgian horse, and for the maintenance of their files and data base. Any member, exhibitor, sponsor, or director realizes that, when they agree to take part in the OBHA their names and/or photographs may be published for these reasons.



OBHA Breeders’ Page Advertisement for

Draft Horse Journal and/or Canadian Belgian Banner

(This ad will be placed in each issue of one or both publications, beginning with the summer issue. Ads will NOT be carried if payment is not received on or before April 1, 2016.)


Draft Horse Journal - $50.00/year Yes _______ No ________ Due on or before April 1/16

Canadian Belgian Banner - $40.00/year  Yes _______ No ________ Due on or before April 1/16

(Important: Banner ad must be maximum five lines, thirty characters per line.)


Owner’s Name: _____________________________________________________________


Farm Name: _______________________________________________________________


Telephone: _________________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Postal Code: ________________________________________________________________


Herd Sire (or other information): ______________________________________________

Email address may be added if space allows - please check lines and characters per line



Have a herd sire or classified ad for the OBHA website?



Classified Ads


We will be accepting classified ads for horses or horse related items to be placed on the OBHA website.


To have a classified ad placed on the website for up to 3 months, you will need to send $5 and keep the ad to a maximum of 25 words. Pictures to be included will cost $5 per picture.


Please send all information to:


Mark Lindquist

4501 Hwy 35, RR 2

Cameron, ON K0M 1G0



Herd Sire Directory


We will be accepting listings for a new Herd Sire Directory on the OBHA website.


To have your herd sire placed on the site for the year, send $10 and include pedigree information and breeding terms or any information you’d like included. Pictures can be added at a cost of $5 per picture.


Please send all information to:


Mark Lindquist

4501 Hwy 35, RR 2

Cameron, ON K0M 1G0




*NOTE: No ads will be placed until payment is received.

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