2009 Caledon Spring Heavy Horse Show

Class List is found below following letter:
March 5, 2009


Dear Draft Horse Enthusiast:


As spring starts to fight through this cold winter we look ahead to the Caledon Fair. The Caledon Fair has struggled the past few years in the second week of September. The Fall months are very busy for most, we feel to improve the Caledon Fair we needed to move the fair to the second week of June. This will be a trial to see if we can get more attendance and exhibitors to the fair. For the past couple of years the Caledon Fair has hosted a Father’s Day weekend where we invited in the mid way and a rib fest. This proved to be very successful for Caledon Fair. This is some of the thinking behind switching weekends for the fair.


The Caledon Fair has ran a very successful light horse show for many years. We used to have a Heavy Horse show but this was over 25 years ago! With Schomberg, Brooklin and Clinton Fairs having Spring shows we feel Caledon Fair has the potential to have a successful Heavy Horse Show. These Heavy Horse exhibitors that attend Spring shows would like to attend as many shows as possible this early in the year because they have already put the effort in early too put shoes on and get rid of their horses winter coat!


For the first year of Caledon Fair’s Heavy Horse show we will only be having halter classes, kids classes and three different cart classes. We want to make sure that we can obtain the exhibitor and sponsorship support before we get in over our head with the six horse hitch and other hitch classes! If we are well supported in our first year we will be more than happy to add hitch classes for the exhibitors and excitement of the spectators. If there is enough attendance from the Belgian exhibitors we will also explore the options of adding the Ontario Bred and Sired Yearling Class.


Please come out and support the Caledon Fair in the first Heavy Horse Show in many years! With your support this year we can make it happen BIGGER and BETTER in the next years!


Look forward to seeing you on Saturday June 13, 2009.


We are located on Highway 10, ten kilometers south of highway 9.


Abbie Brander



Saturday June 13,2009

Caledon Fairgrounds 10:30am


All exhibitors must pay $5.00 admission at gate. A percentage of the winnings will not be deducted by the Caledon Ag Society. Each exhibitor must present proof of ONE MILLION DOLLARS liability insurance upon making entries.


Individual breed classes, breeds will rotate in the ring.






 Prize Money- Class 1 to 8


1st $40              2nd $35              3rd $30              4th $25              all other entries $20


  1. Registered brood mare.

Definition of Brood Mare  A mare showing evidence of being in foal, a foal by side, or proof of registration of foal for current year.

  1. Registered foal of the current year (2009, colt or filly to show together)

3.       Special- ALL BREED- Best brood mare and foal on the grounds. Brood mare and foal must be shown in their respective classes.

4.       Yeld Mare- 3 years and over with no foal of the current year

5.       Yearling filly or Colt of 2008.

6.       Filly or Colt foaled in 2007. (2 year old)

8.   Gelding- Any Age

9.       Champion Horse on the ground- All first place entries to compete. Rosettes only.




Prize Money- class 10 & 11


1st 25          2nd 20               all others $15


10.   Heavy Horse Shown by an exhibitor under 13 years of age as of January 1st of 2009.

11.   Heavy Horse Shown by an exhibitor between the ages of 14 to 21 years old as of January 1st, 2009.

12.   Champion Showman. Top two places from the Junior and Senior classes. Exhibitors to switch horses and are expected to know the parts of the horse. Rosettes only.




Prize Money- class 13 & 14


1st   $60                   2nd$50               3rd $40              4th $35              all others $30


13.   Ladies Cart- 21 and over to compete

14.   OPEN CART- Mare or gelding. Gentleman or Lady to drive.


Prize Money- class 15


1st $35                    2nd $30              all others $25



15.   Junior Cart- Boy or girl to drive before their 21st birthday.