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Carson's Fall Futurity Promotion



To promote the Draft Horse industry by encouraging all draft horse breeders to participate in a new Futurity program that will demonstrate the breed characteristics and versatility of the draft breed as a halter horse, as a hitch horse and as a pleasure riding horse. The intent is that this horse will appeal to one or all aspects of today's market and produce a very saleable animal for its owner by participating in this program.

Who is eligible for the Futurity Program?

  • Any draft horse weanling and for the first year yearlings that are sold at the Carson’s Fall Sale in Oct. 23rd & 24th, 2009.
  • There is no limit to the number of consignors who may come from anywhere in Canada of the United States.
  • A consignor can consign up to a limit of 4 horses each but can only buy back a maximum of 2 of their own horses.
  • All horses must be fully registered and coggins tested at the time of sale.
  • All horses must be entried into the Futurity Promotion through Carson’s Auctions by the catalogue deadline of Sept.15/09.
  • In case of accident or injury to an already entried horse.  The consignor has the right to substitute their entry up until 2 weeks prior to sale day.
  • The futurity horses will be the first to sell in Carson’s Fall Draft Horse Sale on October 24th, 2009 with the sale order being drawn, out of a hat, by the directors on the Friday Night at the preview October 23rd, 2009 between 6:00 – 7:00 P.M.  It is not compulsory for the horses to be shown at the preview.  It will be up to each consignor if they want to take part.

What costs or benefits are involved for a consignor of the Futurity Promotion?

  • The cost of $100.00 to enter your horse which will be refunded once your animal is sold at the sale.
  • On selling your horse a breakdown by percentage of that selling price.  The breakdown is a follows: 45% to seller/consignor,   45% to Futurity Pot for future winnings & 10% to Carson’s Auctions for administration/commission & advertising costs.
  • All colts that go through the sale and are then entered into the Futurity Promotion are eligible to come back as 2 Year Old,, regardless of who owns them, and compete in the Futurity Promotion Competition to win the following:
  • Ribbons will be given up to 8th place and prize money will go with all these ribbons.  The prize money will come out of the Futurity Pot and will be broken down by the following percentages.

















  • Special Breeder Awards will be given to the top 3 breeders with a Trophy to the top breeder and prize money of $300.00, $200.00 & $100.00 in recognition of their quality breeding.


What is involved in the Futurity Promotion Competition?

  • There will be a panel of 3 judges, selected by the directors.
  • Each returning 2 Year Old will compete in all 3 classes.  Halter, Riding & Obstacle.  There will be an obstacle driving class and riding class that will take place on the Friday of Carson’s Fall Sale.  The halter line class will take place on the Saturday morning of the Fall Sale before the sale starts.  All 3 classes will be judged and the points awarded from each class, and the overall winners will be decided from the points accumulated and all winners will be presented before the sale starts.
  • The first Futurity Promotion Competition will take place on October 22nd & 23rd, 2010 with the yearlings that are sold at this year’s Fall Sale.
  • The 2 Year Olds that take part in this competition do not require to be sold at the sale once they have competed.     


Any other information.

  • Sponsorship Packages will be available for anyone who would like to get involved and promote this new Futurity Program.  There will be 3 levels of Sponsorship :
    1. Platinum                 - $1000.00
    2. Gold                        - $500.00
    3. Silver                      - $200.00

           All money raised from this sponsorship will go directly to the Futurity Winning Pot.

  • Margo Sloan at David Carson’s Auctions is helping to co-ordinate and administer this new Futurity Program so if you have any questions or queries please direct them to her at e-mail: msloan@davidcarson.on.ca or Tel: (519) 291 2049.