2011 O.B.H.A. Annual Sale Entry Form

There is are both a PDF Entry Form and MS Word document at the bottom of this page that you can download and fill in or you can print this screen.

Consignor’s Name:


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Horse’s Name & Registration #:

Sire’s Name & Registration #:

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By signing this consignment, I confirm that I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing the Ontario Belgian Horse Association annual sale. I guarantee that the above information is true and that the animal is sound and in good health. I understand that any guarantees are strictly my responsibility and release the O.B.H.A. and Sale Committee from any responsibility as to the condition or health of my consignment, or for any cause of action of any nature arising from the sale of said animal.

Consignor’s Signature: ­­­­________________________________         Date: _______________

2011 O.B.H.A. Annual Sale Rules & Regulations

(1)        Enclosures: The following must be included with each consignment or it will be refused: signed sale entry form with complete information, original papers of the animal consigned (if registered), signed transfer with complete breeding information if a bred mare, $50 entry fee payable to the Ontario Belgian Horse Association. Late entries pay $75 entry fee.

(2)        Entry Closing Date: Catalogue entries will be accepted until March 1, 2011 with late entries accepted until day of sale.

(3)        Mailing of Consignments: Regular catalogue and late consignments are to be mailed to Shannon Lindquist, O.B.H.A. Secretary, 4501 Highway 35, RR #2 Cameron, Ontario K0M 1G0.

(4)        Commission: Entry fee paid covers the animal for the first $1000 of selling price. After that, sale commission is 5% to a maximum of $200.

(5)        No Sales: Commission of 5% will be charged to consignors of “no sale” horses. This is to be paid the day of the sale or it will be billed with interest charges.

(6)        Scratches: Entries that are scratched from the sale forfeit their sale entry fee.

(7)        Substitutions: Substitutions will be accepted if all necessary paperwork (registration papers and signed transfer) are submitted to and received by the O.B.H.A. Secretary 7 days prior to the sale. Substitutions must be owned by the original consignor of the animal being replaced.

(8)        Arrival: No arrivals before 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 29, 2011. Stabling will be assigned by the sale committee. Horses must be removed from the grounds immediately following the sale. Any arrangements regarding stabling after the sale are the responsibility of the purchaser.

(9)        Coggins Tests: Although not required, horses selling in the O.B.H.A. Annual Sale may have a negative coggins test signed and dated by a licensed Veterinarian after January 1, 2011.

(10)      Hitching: All horses selling as broke have the option to be driven outside on Saturday morning prior to the sale. This is not mandatory but consignors will have the choice. The sale committee will attempt to have a cart or wagon available at the grounds but there is no guarantee.

(11)      Hay and Straw: May be available for purchase in limited quantity. Please contact the office at the sale.

(12)      Warranties: Statements regarding the soundness, breeding dates, etc. will be made from the auction stand. Such information including breeding information, show records and other information will have been provided by the consignor. The buyer assumes full ownership of the animal with the fall of the auctioneer’s gavel and full responsibility for the care of said animal from that point on.

(13)      Guarantees: Sellers are responsible for all guarantees. Each consignor will make what guarantee he/she cares to give on their animal(s) and will be totally responsible for that guarantee. This included information provided and announced when the animal is being sold.

(14)      Terms: All horses must be paid for in Canadian funds. All animals must be paid for following the conclusion of the sale. Parties unknown to the O.B.H.A. must bring cash, a certified cheque or an irrevocable letter of credit from your bank. Cheques to consignors will be mailed as soon as possible following the conclusion of the sale.

(15)      Transfers: Transfers of pedigrees for all registered animals will be furnished to the buyer. Consignors will pay the transfer fee payable to the Canadian Belgian Horse Association.


(16)      Refusals: The sale committee reserves the right to reject any horse deemed to be unsuitable to go through the sale ring.

For further information please contact:

Shannon Lindquist,  O.B.H.A. Secretary
4501 Highway 35, RR#2
Cameron, ON   K0M 1G0
(705) 887-3350     


Mark Lindquist,  Sale Committee Chair
4501 Highway 35, RR#2
Cameron, ON   K0M 1G0
(705) 887-3350     


 For more information or to volunteer some time to help, please contact:

Horse Pull Chair
Mike Morden
(905) 985-9443
Horse Sale Chair
Mark Lindquist
(705) 887-3350
Equipment Sale Chair
OBHA Secretary
Shannon Lindquist
(705) 887-3350
Food Booth
Commercial Displays
Brenda Bradshaw
(519) 443-7074

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