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2008 OBHA Futurity Results

Stallion of the Year:                            L.B. Shakespeare         owned by Ken & Ruth Anderson

Breeder of the Year:                           Keith Garner

High Point Mare 4 Horse Hitch:       Brenda & David Bradshaw 
High Point Gelding 4 Horse Hitch: Ted & Linda English
High Point Jr. Showperson:             Brianna Hollinger
High Point Sr. Showperson:             Keegan Suggitt

2008 OBHA Filly Foals

 Placing         Owner                               Filly                                                Sire                                               Points

1          Mark & Shannon Lindquist       Ry-Mar Debutante                     Camelot Chip’s Summit            31
2          Dan & Karen Hayward              Triple H Jewel Classic             Country Lucas                              29
3          Keith & Margaret Dennis          Marden Meadows Paisley        Sure Fire Dougie                         27
4          Richard & Laurel Sowden        R&L Lilly                                       R&L Freddie’s Chip                   17
5          Brenda Bradshaw                     Camelot Moment In Time         Camelot Chip’s Summit            15
6          John & Rosella Kelly                Kelvue Sargent’s Lyn                 Lawn Rock Sargent                     11
7          Ken & Ruth Anderson               Karaglen Kassidi                       L.B. Shakespeare                          9
8          Gary & Craig McDougall          G.C. Freedom                              Chickasaw Medallion                    8
T-9      Kathy Nagtagaal                        Six Star Kayla’s Kallie                East View Holiday Marty                4
T-9      Keith Garner                               Highland View Chantelle           Camelot Chip’s Harry                   4
11        Paul & Jane Lindquist             Ry-Mar Noella                               Y Point Alex                                     3
12        Brenda Bradshaw                    Camelot Exquisite View            Camelot Chip’s Summit                1
2008 OBHA Yearling Fillies

Placing         Owner                               Filly                                                Sire                                            Avg  Points

1          Ken & Ruth Anderson                Karaglen Kasha                            L.B. Shakespeare                     8.14

2          Beth Palmer                                Remlap Colby’s Lexus                 Y Point Alex                                 7.91
3          Keith Garner                                Highland View Emma                  Camelot Chip’s Harry               7.61
4          Richard & Laurel Sowden        R&L O’Kerrance                             RLW Jordan’s Duke                 6.14
5          Steve & Linda Van Winden       Lads’ N K&H Miss Kitty                 Camelot Chip’s Harry              5.71
6          Keith & Margaret Dennis          Marden Meadows Miss Megan    Marden Meadows McWilly       4
7          Brian Hollinger                           Hyjak Morgan’s Dolly Doop          Pive Valley Captain Morgan     3.42
8          Alex Hollinger                              Hunter April Rayne                         L&C Titan                                    3.28
9          Glen Hughes                              Hugh Haven Rosie                         TNR Imperial Prince                 2.28
10        John & Rosella Kelly                Kelvue Sargent’s Lilly                     Lawn Rock Sargent                   5.57*
11        John & Rosella Kelly                Kelvue Titan’s Fancy                       L&C Titan                                    4.71*
12        Darrell Drain                              Stoney Lake Evelyn                         Orndorff’s U.C. Encore              4.42*
13        Peter Maher                                Hyjak Morgan’s Sapphire               Pine Valley Captain Morgan    4.14*
14        Peter Maher & Charlie O’Leary Spinglane Holiday Bea’s             Storm Master Holiday                3.42*
15        Amy Hughes                              Hugh Haven Cailie                           Pine Valley Captain Morgan    1.57*
T-16    Dr. Michael Smith                      Trout Brook Ruby                             MJM Robin’s Master                  1.42*
T-16    Orville Beggs & Family             Oval-B JD Belle                                Oval-B JD                                     1.42*
18        Keith Garner                               Highland View Sarah                      Camelot Chip’s Harry                0.57*
19        Brian Hollinger                           Egalacres Sargent’s Pascale      Lawn Rock Sargent                    0.28*
20        Brent Stewart                              Stewart’s Carrie                               L.B. Victory Commander           0.14*

                        * denotes that the filly did not attend the mandatory 7 shows for purposes of determining the winner of the program.

2008 OBHA Two Year Old Fillies

Placing         Owner                                 Filly                                                Sire                                               Points

1          Gary Boshart & Leroy Ebersol  Lee-Crest Svana                        Y Point Alex     37
2          Brenda Bradshaw                       Camelot Chip’s Contessa         Remlap Chip Du Marais           32
3          Keith Garner                                 Highland View Hannah              Remlap Chip Du Marais            24
T-4      Ken & Ruth Anderson                  Karaglen Korrine                        L.B. Shakespeare                       16
T-4      Richard & Laurel Sowden          R&L Heather’s A Chip                Remlap Chip Du Marais           16
6          Peter & Laura Maher                  M&M Titan Tilly                               L&C Titan                                     15
7          Kevin & Suezanne Weppler      Egalacres Sargent’s Mariah       Lawn Rock Sargent                    14
8          Gary & Craig McDougall            Brockstream Down The Lane    Chickasaw Medallion                   9
9          Amy Hughes                                Hugh Haven Dakota                     Pine Valley Captain Morgan       4
10        Orville Beggs & Family              Oval-B Sue Anne                           Drafty Valley Vinny                         2

2008 OBHA Stallion Foals

            Owner                                                 Colt                                               Sire

T-1      Keith Garner                                      Highland View Sir Leroy           Camelot Chip’s Harry
T-1      Gary & Craig McDougall                  G.C. Justice                                 L.B. Shakespeare
3          Ken & Ruth Anderson                      Karaglen Konnell                      Chickasaw Medallion
4          Orville Beggs & Family                    Oval-B Mr. Nick                           Bacon Nick’s Fury
5          Paul MacMillan & Janet Drynan     Maple Ridge Cory                      L.Y. Captain Stormy
Part.     Beth Palmer                                     Remlap DVP                               G.S. Viper
Part.     Keith & Margaret Dennis               Marden Meadows Spencer      Sure Fire Dougie
Part.     Paul & Jane Lindquist                    AshAm West Limited Edition   AshAm West Titan
Part.     Peter & Laura Maher                       Hyjak Reno’s Stryker                Hyjak Chip’s Renaissance

2008 OBHA Yearling Stallions

            Owner                                           Colt                                         Sire

1          Mark & Shannon Lindquist       Ry-Mar Full Nelson              Camelot Chip’s Summit
2          Brenda Bradshaw                      Camelot Carpe Futura        Remlap Chip Du Marais
3          Ken & Ruth Anderson                Karaglen Krown Prince      Chickasaw Master Prince
4          Dave & Erika Zister                     PVB Put Up Yer Dukes       RLW Jordan’s Duke
5          Dan & Karen Hayward               Triple H Sonny D                  Classic Country Lucas
Part.     Orville Beggs & Family              Oval-B Archie                        Bacon Nick’s Fury